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scottish_genes's Journal

Dr. Carson Beckett
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Dr. Carson Beckett is a geneticist and Chief Medical Officer of the Atlantis expedition for Stargate Command.

Carson is a stout man with a solid build, surprising strong from playing rugby in college. There are dimples when he smiles, which often matches the sparkle in his bright blue eyes. He has short thick black hair that seems to find itself in something of a mohawk, no matter what he does with it. Clothes wise, he wears functional clothes covered by a lab coat when he’s on duty so he can be ready for an emergency at a moment’s notice.

Most notably, Carson speaks with a thick Scottish accent, which gets thicker when he gets emotional. He also is fond of cliches and using terms of endearment with everyone.

His collar is made from a tartan called the Pride of Scotland.

Carson comes from the morning of the season 3 episode Sunday of the television show Stargate: Atlantis.

Carson Beckett belongs to MGM Worldwide Television Productions and Paul McGillian belongs to himself. This is just a roleplaying journal for amatomnes.

Player and pup are both over 18